Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pyramid Mountain - Kirkjufell at Snæfellsnes, Iceland

From our 2nd last day of the 12 day winter tour around Iceland.

We waited one full day in bad weather to be able to photograph this mountain. The aim was to shoot the close by waterfall with the mountain in the background but it turned out that the fjord with the still weather gave much more interesting view of it. The waiting in snowfall for 24 hours also added a thick fresh layer of snow over everything making the scene much more interesting than without it. It is not often that snow falls evenly over everything here in Iceland. Usually it is blown into large piles complimented with large snow free areas.

I have never had a photographic equipment failure in my 4,5 years of photography. I have lost some lenscaps and a filter but never had any electronic or glass fail me. Until this trip. It seemed to have accumulated to hit me hard this trip. My body count is as follows:

Canon 30D Destroyed - Camera and tripod fell to the ground
Canon 70-200mm f4 broken - Unknown causes
Canon 17-85mm broken badly - Fell to the ground on a camera and tripod
Canon 60D stopped working (brand new) - Stopped working for unknown reasons.
Remote trigger broken - Caple torn.

First massive kudos to Nýherji/Sense for flying out to us a new Canon 60D the same day as we called them and reported it broken. Thats what I call good service.
I hope now I will experience another 4,5 years free of equipment failure.

20.1.2011: Thanks alot everybody for the wonderful comments. I was pleasantly surprised how well it got received. I was not expecting this.


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